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cloth envelope free plans: how to make a
Cloth Envelope
Basic Description This cloth envelope is a welcome retreat from the ordinary. In the free plan below, we'll show you how to make an envelope that helps elevate a letter well above standard pieces of mail. The recipient will immediately know that there is something special inside. Use them to mail invitations, letters, poems or anything you want to send to someone that is important to you.

step:             5    

Next, flip the envelope inside-out. If you already sewed the mailing label on, you are ready to write on the address and affix postage. If not, reread step 3 for instructions on cutting the mailing label. Confirm that it is the desired size and spray adhesive on the back of the label per the glue manufacturer's instructions. Firmly press it to the envelope and let it dry.
the completed cloth envelope
The final step is to insert your note or letter, and sew the flap shut. We just used a thread and needle and put a few stitches in a few places along the flap of the envelope. We describe other techniques of closing the envelope in the design considerations section at the end of this plan.

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